10 More Awesome Movie Posters You’ve Never Seen (From Movies You’ve Never Heard Of)


Here’s the second batch of never-before-seen movies with must-see posters. Our first post can be read here.

1. Aprile (1998) – Looks like the cutest superhero movie of all time.



2. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964) – That’s the skinniest looking Santa Claus I’ve ever seen. And what’s with the Whaddayatalkinabout’ look he has? I won’t even comment on the rest of this ridiculous poster..



3. Beer (1985) – An old school television showing an old school (ethnically diverse) beer ad? Looks awesome. P.S., that’s Cory Matthews’ dad on the left.



4. Stanley (1972) – Look closely at Tim’s hand.. He has four fingers. Stanley even bites his loving owner!



Layout 1
5. Mama’s Foot (2007) – Two brothers have two days to make enough money to save their mama’s foot! A pun that could have worked as the headline: If they don’t get the loot, she don’t keep her foot!



6. Six-Pack Annie (1975) – Every parent’s dream. Their daughter becoming legal and doing this.



7. Record City (1977) – Of all these ridiculous caricatures, my favorite is the monkey making it rain large, large CDs (is their a name for these things?).



8. Rodentz (2001) – I honestly can’t think of something scarier… Imagine the rats in New York just going buckwild and taking over the subways..



9. Sergeant Deadhead (1965) – Big heads + little bodies = always funny.



10. Storm Boy (1975) – Classic Australian Cinema.