10 Must-See Goals and Saves

It’s hard to pick favorites in a game that involves trying to score a puck in the net while skating on ice. But even the best highlights can be out-shined by another. Check out the 10 Must See Goals & Saves from 2016’s NHL Winter Classic teams: The Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens.

The Boston Bruins

5. Let’s face it. Few crowds are better than that of Boston. With that said, let’s kick this off with a nifty grab by goalie Tuukka Rask. To set the stage…with overtime winding down, Toronto left winger James van Riemsdyk is in perfect position for a game-winning one-timer. Unfortunately for him, Rask quickly reacts and turns his body just enough to send 20,000 fans home with a bad taste in their mouth.

4. In at #4, we have the Big Papi of Boston Bruin goals. Patrice Bergeron gets a Kevin McHale-like rebound off the shot, and bats the puck in mimicking his Bostonian neighbor Big Papi Ortiz. The hand-eye coordination is unprecedented. I can’t even text while walking.

3. If there’s one highlight that’ll make you say: “HOW DID HE DO THAT?” It’s got to be David Pastrnak’s breakaway goal against Tampa Bay.

2. Overtime counts for a lot in the realm of categorizing highlights and Vatrano’s goal proves it. Factor in playing on the road in enemy territory (and not just any enemy, but a division rival and fellow Original 6 team enemy) and celebrations get that much more epic.

1. And our #1 Boston Bruin highlight is none other than Center Seth Griffith. The announcer calls Griffith’s goal “impossible”. The announcer is spot on. This goal is just bananas. Griffith not only splits the defenders, turns around and continues to skate backwards, shoots the puck from between his legs, AND it goes in! Bonkers. Pure bonkers.


The Montreal Canadiens

5. You can’t cover more ground than Montreal goalie Carey Price. This dude makes spectacular save after spectacular save and manages to make each one of them seem effortless. Here’s a save so sensational that the opposing player actually begins to celebrate as if he’s slipped one passed the goalie.

4. All I can say is wow. Gallagher does his best ballerina impression as he dances through the defense, catches the puck in midair, bats it down, stays in control, hits it out of midair, and scores. Wow.

3. To score on some of the best goalies in the NHL, you better be creative. Give Canadiens Plekanec and Pacioretty credit. They managed to execute a marvelous back and forth on a breakaway leaving Rangers’ goalie Henrik Lundqvist frozen on the ice.

2. There’s a reason they play an overtime period. Two teams so evenly matched that 3 periods just aren’t enough. Therefore, if you score a game-winning goal in OT, chances are coach isn’t going to make you skate laps in practice the next day. Great team effort by the Canadiens on this one.

1. Last but certainly not least: One of the most electric players in the NHL is no doubt PK Subban. Just check out the moves, the coordination, the confidence, the goal, and of course, the celebration. Have a day, PK. You’ve earned it.

And that about does it for this edition of 10 Must-See Nearly Impossible Goals (and saves)! If you have any in might that you believe should’ve made the cut, please submit them to 10MustSeeNearlyImpossibleGoalsand Saves@WinterClassic.com. Is it January 1st yet?!