10 Real World Problems Jordan Belfort Could Have Solved With $14,575,330

Sex, drugs and LOTS of money pretty much describe the world of Jordan Belfort, a.ka. The Wolf of Wall Street. While the Oscar-nominated biopic starring Leonardo DiCaprio is certainly entertaining, you can’t help but wonder as you watch – what if all that money he made was spent doing some good? You know, instead of paying an assistant $10,000 to shave her head? Or dropping $200,000 on a new car.

Our team did some research. We compared 10 #firstworldproblems The Wolf chose to spend his money on and 10 real world problems he could have helped solve instead. It’s a pretty interesting breakdown and one that warrants a close look.


Sure Martin Scorsese’s nearly 3-hour film is meant to tell the tale of gross excess, but when you put hard numbers against some real world problems Belfort could have helped, it leaves a pretty bad taste in your mouth.

What would you do if someone forked over $15 million to you today? Spend like a Wolf, or donate to a worthy cause? Guess it’s hard to say for sure unless you’ve got it in your pocket… #firstworldproblems.