31 Reasons Why We Love Katy Perry

A tribute to the fabulous, talented, stunning Katy Perry for her 31st Birthday! We love you KP!

She has a cat named Kitty Purry.

And she knows how to get feisty.

She’s all about flower power.

She cares about strong bones.

She has rainbow hair.

And she’s literally drop dead gorgeous.

She loves her green hair the most and we do too!

Over her career, she has had a total of nine number-one singles on the Hot 100 list.

Dark Horse is her most recent #1 single!

She turns uppp!

And she always leads the pack.

She has been in love…

…and she’s not afraid to sing about it!

She’s a California girl (Santa Barbara, to be exact!)

She loves her fans!

She looks cute as a button as she shakes her booty.

She’s not afraid to bust a move.

She’s all about keepin’ the peace.

Her hips don’t lie.

She manages to look hot while being attached by rainbow balloons.

We love her elaborate costumes and props during her live performances!

She knows how to party on a Friday.

Baby – she’s a firework!

Her live performances are absolutely captivating.

She’s all about teamwork.

She isn’t afraid to perform in the air!

Seriously…she’s FEARLESS.

And she can do the splits mid-air!

She has won five American Music Awards.

14 People’s Choice Awards.

3 Guinness World Records.