5 Badass Ladies on EPIX Now

We at EPIX would like to celebrate all the badass ladies that live in our catalog. There are plenty of reasons someone can be considered badass and I’m here to give you a few examples of the ladies we think are worthy of that title.


April O’Neil – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Some may see April O’Neil only as a silly reporter, but tell me this when was the last time you heard about Matt Lauer trekking down to some sketchy docks on his bike to get the scoop on a story? Maybe Brian Williams may have mentioned that he did something like that once but we all know that never happened. April O’Neil will do whatever it takes to get her voice heard and the news out there. Even if that means teaming up with a team of pizza loving teenage turtle dudes to take on one of the biggest crime bosses in the world.



Katniss Everdeen – The Hunger Games Films

Katniss is the face of the revolution in Panem but it took a lot of work and giving up a lot of herself to get there. Katniss makes the ultimate sacrifice of what she thinks is her own life for the life of her sister. Once in the games she realizes who the true enemies of the people of Panem are, their oppressors, the government in the Capitol.   Katniss makes it her mission to survive and wage war on the President. At first Katniss believes she is the only one trying to accomplish these goals, but quickly after she’s thrown back in the games for a second time and broken out by her fellow tributes does she realize she has the support of the entire nation behind her. Katniss figures out that she must put her own needs aside and do what is necessary to save the people of Panem. Katniss is the face of the revolution in Panem, the Mockingjay, the spark that ignited the fire against the Capitol. Katniss is a total badass not just because she can fight and shoot a bow and arrow better than anyone we’ve ever seen, but because she puts herself aside and shows the people of Panem not to be afraid and stand up for what you believe in, no matter what the cost.

 youre next still 3

Erin – You’re Next

Going to meet your significant other’s family for the first time is already nerve-racking and when you add home invasion to the mix you can pretty much guarantee a panic attack. Luckily for everyone in the house Erin is Crispian’s beautiful new girlfriend and what do ya know she happens to have extensive training in survival. Erin takes charge of the situation at hand immediately and begins to fight back against the animal mask-wearing intruders.   Erin shows us exactly what it means to be a badass in You’re Next, she fights to survive and to keep those around her alive.


Carol – In A World…

Everyone has imitated the movie trailer voice that usually begins with “In a World” but if you think about it you are always dropping your voice an octave to acheieve this deep manly tone to get that line out. Well not Carol. Carol is a voice over actor trying to make it big in a male dominated workplace. Carol never stops trying to go for the bigger roles though and when she finally lands one it causes some turmoil but like the true badass she is she comes out on top. Everyone start practicing your female-geared movie trailer voices ASAP!


Lisa Lampanelli – Back to the Drawing Board

Lisa Lampanelli has made an epic comeback on EPIX. Lisa has a familiar story for a lot of people she was married, now she’s divorced, she was heavier and now she’s lost all the weight and is ready to kick the world’s ass. What I love about Lisa is she never tries to be anyone but herself. What you see is what you get with no in between. Lisa is hilariously unapologetic and that is what makes her a total badass.


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