5 Big Screen Friendz Squadz To Watch This Weekend


Onscreen chemistry is a very special thing. Rom-Coms are a great example of chemistry. But chemistry is also apparent within a group of friends…or, a squad, if you will. There are rules to a successful onscreen squad: 1) An onscreen squad never leaves a member behind. 2) An onscreen squad never backs down from a challenge. 3) No individual member of the squad is bigger than the squad itself. 4) More often than not, a squad must have a great name. In some of today’s examples, we’ll take a look at some news anchors, body-builders, monsters and even some that are expendable. Each squad exemplifying exactly what it means to be a team.


The squad known as The Expendables is a perfect an example of timeless friendships. Throughout the years, they’ve not only stuck together, but more importantly they’ve buried the hatchet time and time again. Moreover, they are quick to forget; they don’t harbor drama and they certainly do not jump to any conclusions. These gentlemen are wise beyond their years. OK, maybe wise according to their years.


Kind, Fantana, Tamland and Burgundy make up a pretty tough squad from the rough streets of San Diego, California. After taking SoCal by storm while changing the way we absorb the news, these iconic anchors would take their talents to New York City in the hilarious sequel Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. This fearsome foursome is best known for picking each other up in times of need. Additionally, their ability to make each other laugh to keep their squad mentality fresh and new is imperative.


The members of the Starship Enterprise have a unique bond as a squad. They’re in space…together…aboard a ship. That completely takes “squad” to new heights. In Star Trek Into Darkness, not only are they battling the forces of evil, but when it’s time to hang it up at the end of a long day, the squad still has to share the same living quarters! I mean, I’m imagining that the Enterprise is filled with bunk beds. Unless, each Star Trek member has they’re own 1-bedroom apartment aboard the ship? Or maybe there’s enough room for a handful of studio lofts? Gosh, can you imagine the rent? Doesn’t seem like the per square footage would be worth the trouble. I’d much prefer commuting to the ship daily. Plus, sometimes you need your (outer) space.


Anyways, we go from arguably the smartest movie squad to easily one of the…well, not smartest. The average South Floridian 1990s body-builder type may not be brightest individuals. And then there’s the trio from Michael Bay’s true-to-life adventure, Pain & Gain. This particular squad racked up enough charges to earn them a laundry list of life-sentences. Did I mention this was a true story? The moral of this story is that if anyone in your squad feels that they need to murder, kidnap, saw someone apart or blow someone up…that is grounds to break every ‘squad-rule’ mentioned above and you need to notify an adult ASAP.


Finally, we get to arguably the most squad-like squad of them all. In 1987, a group of kids came together to fight Dracula, Wolf-man, Frankenstein and the Mummy; aptly referring to themselves as The Monster Squad. These kids paved the way for some of today’s well-known movie squads. Further, this squad pinpoints an era in cinema when movies were light-hearted and fun but still innovative and magical. Being in a squad meant the world and the squad was everything.

Friendships are a dime a dozen, but true movie squads are few and far between. Squad Up!