5 DIY Halloween Costumes Inspired by Movies

Halloween is coming fast, so if you haven’t picked out your costume yet, we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 Halloween movie costume ideas inspired by some of our favorite EPIX flicks. Best of all, a lot of these are simple enough to DIY to pull together a last minute Halloween costume!

1.  Werewolf (Teen Wolf Too)

Feelin’ furry? If you were planning on getting a haircut or shaving in the next 2 weeks, DON’T! This costume is au naturale with a hint of some extra fur. Add some wayfarers and a button down, pointy ears, fangs and a pound of fur. Keep it faux, please. You’ll fully embody Jason Bateman in Teen Wolf Too once you start acting like a supremely powerful, athletic college jock meets werewolf. Whatever you do, do NOT forget to howl.


2. Anchorman Clique (Anchorman 2)

Get your crew together and dress as America’s favorite news team. Think disco. Grab 3 friends and go to your neighborhood thrift shop or any flea market. Keep your eyes out for a couple of afro wigs, three-piece plaid suits, leather jackets, a cowboy hat for whoever wants to be Champ Kind, and some groovy glasses. This costume requires getting into character, otherwise you’ll look like some washed-out has-beens from the 70’s. Don’t be afraid to be a bunch of buffoons. After all, it is just an act…


If you’re looking for a couples Halloween costume, go as Ron and Veronica instead. Same how-to, and remember, stay classy 😉


3. Susan & Roberta (Desperately Seeking Susan)

If you love Madonna and hair scrunchies, this is the 80s movie Halloween costume for you. Wild child Susan and prim and proper Roberta epitomize the 80’s funky flare. Big, curled hair, headbands, pops of neon pink, green, purple, and lace gloves. All things high-wasted. RED LIPS. Have fun with this one. Channel our free spirited Madonna and you’ll have your boy eating out of the palm of your hand.


4. Killer Klown  (Killer Klowns from Outer Space)

Whoever said klowns (yes, clowns with a K) can’t be killers. They were wrong. They are blood-thirsty, Outer space inhabiting, cold-hearted killers! And you can join the dark side for halloween this year if you so choose.

WARNING: this costume requires a lot of face paint. Quite honestly, your face costume will make it or break it. Focus on elaborate eyes, wide mouth, and white face powder. A red ball nose is crucial. A bright wig and bowtie will then tie your whole outfit together. If you’re really getting into it, you can pick up a clown suit or DIY clown attire. Bright or patterned 80’s style tracksuit would be awesome. Grab a few friends or go stag for this one!


5. Pig Princess (Penelope)

Here’s an idea for a more low-key Halloween costume. This costume is conservative from the back, and total party in the front. All you’ll need is a pig snout! Christina Ricci pulls it off, so I think you can too. Rather than breaking her family curse or going the nose job route, she learns to love herself with a pig nose.

Ok, enough of the sentimental bs, it’s outright hilarious. No one will ever see it coming, and you’ll be sure to get some laughs and perhaps some awkward “is that her actual nose,” stares.