5 Facts About The Expendables 3

What happens when you throw champion boxers, martial artists, divers, and body builders galore on to the same screen.  Sh*t goes down. Luckily everyone came out of production alive, but the scoop on Expendables 3 will be sure to keep you wildly entertained.


1. Paralleling his character in the film, Harrison Ford is in fact a skilled pilot in real life. He has conducted search-and-rescue missions just like he does in the film!



2. This film marks mixed martial artist Ronda Rousey’s acting debut. She came out with a bang as she performed most of her own stunts. She has since been cast in Furious 7 (2015), The Athena Project as well as Entourage (2015).

She really is the package deal – she’s hot, she can act AND she knows how to fight!


3. Jason Statham survived a near death experience while he was test driving a doorless truck into the dead sea. The breaks failed him and he was close to drowning. Thankfully, he is an Olympic quality diver, otherwise he could have been really injured, or even worse…


Joking around, Statham admitted to complaining on the set too much and accused Stallone of tampering with the brakes…well whatever the truth is, looks like they made amends!


4. Stallone and Schwarzenegger were MAJOR rivals in the 1980’s. Stallone even admitted that he wanted to strangle Schwarzenegger. The rivalry finally subsided, and Stallone only had great things to say about Schwarzenegger as they decided to join (unearthly strong) forces for the Expendables trilogy.

They only look SLIGHTLY irked at one another…


5. For Expendables 3, the film rating was strategically lowered from R to PG-13. While the film was right on the border of the two, Stallone’s reasoning behind the latter was to reach as many fans as possible.


He wanted to give the next generation a taste of so many iconic actors and athletes kicking ass all at once!