5 Funniest Stand-Up Specials of All Time

OK, fine. Maybe “5 funniest stand-up specials of all time” is a ballsy claim. Doesn’t matter– I stand by it. These are the top 5 comedy specials of all time and I will fight you on that. Just name the time, name the place.*

* Am I coming on too strong? I was told if you do a “top 5” list you have to emote confidence. But I mean, I feel people like what they like, right?  Is this really something you can have a objective opinion on?

5. Louis C.K. – Hilarious


Louis C.K. is the most respected comedian of today. He is one of those rare stand-ups that can tell universally relatable stories while at the same time cracking us up with new and fascinating takes on those situations.  Plus, unlike some “edgier” stand-ups, he never falls down the rabbit hole of mocking the victims. He’s funny, he makes you think, and he makes you feel good. The album version of this special won Best Comedy Album at the 2012 Grammy Awards. So yeah, if you haven’t watched it, go do that. Now.**

** Nice Sarah. Strong start. This is a widely heralded choice. Nobody is gonna argue with you on this one. Feel confident. Maybe don’t yell at them to watch it now because they could be at work. Maybe just change it too “soon” or “when you are free and also in the mood for funny”?

4. Lewis Black – Old Yeller

In Lewis Black’s ninth comedy special, he proves that there is still plenty of messed-up things to yell about. In his notoriously vitriolic style, Lewis takes down everything from corporate greed and Martha Stewart to homeland security and WMDs.  If that’s not enough, he was also voted 51st of the 100 greatest stand-up comedians of all time by Comedy Central. ***

*** Why did you say that? 51st? People are gonna ask, “Hey, then where are the other 50 stand-ups that should be on your list? What happened to them?” Ugh, maybe we can turn commenting off. For just this one post.

3. Jenny McCarthy – Dirty Sexy Funny

From single motherhood to casual sex, Jenny McCarthy mixes stand-up and sketch to bring us this hilarious special. She’s also surrounded by an entourage of insanely talented lady comics: Justine Marino, Tammy Pescatelli, Lynne Koplitz, Paula Bel and Tiffany Haddish. This special made the #3 slot on my list because sometimes, quantity does equal quality.

**** Please no one bring up the anti-vaxer thing please no one bring up the anti-vaxer thing please no one bring up the anti-vaxer thing please no one bring up the anti-vaxer thing please no one bring up the anti-vaxer thing

2. Sherri Shepherd: It’s My Time To Talk

Everyone knows Sherri Shepherd from The View. But like Whoopi, Sherri got there after making a name for herself in stand-up. Despite her busy life, Sherri still performs regularly at the Comedy Store, the Laugh Factory and the Improv. In this special, she speaks with new perspective on his laugh-filled life as a celebrity, mom, and newlywed. If you don’t love this special, your parents don’t love you.*****

***** Too far?

1. Jim Norton – Contextually Inadequate

Jim Norton: Contextually Inadequate premieres April 24 right here on EPIX. So sorry to rub it in your face, but you can’t watch it yet. Too bad I did and I can tell you: it’s mind-blowing. Earth-shattering. Do you fear the singularity? Well you will after Jim rips apart your obsession with technology and leaves you on your couch, crying with laughter.  THIS IS THE GREATEST STAND-UP SPECIAL OF ALL TIME, AND IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME, GUESS THE ONLY WAY TO PROVE ME WRONG IS TO WATCH IT.******

****** omg I am so nervous I’m gonna throw up… up, oh no. Now I need a new keyboard.