6 Academy Award Winning Movies You Can Watch Right Now


Why wait to see who wins a statue at the 87th Academy Awards when you can watch these Oscar winning films now on EPIX.com?

Bonus points for anyone who knows which category each film took home a statue for!



A perfect choice for family movie night, this 2012 Best Picture of the Year nominee directed by Martin Scorsese took home 5 Oscars, including Best Achievement in Visual Effects.


The Duchess 

Nominated for two Oscars, with one win, this period piece is a feast for the eyes and not just because of Keira Knightley.


Ordinary People

This powerhouse family drama took home not one, but four Academy Awards, including Best Picture.



This 3-time Academy Award winning rom-com starring Cher and Nicolas Cage proves love is complicated and that’s why we love it.


Saturday Night Fever

That hair, those dance moves, the music! This is the movie that made John Travolta a household name.


Breakfast At Tiffany’s 


You definitely won’t get a case of the mean reds watching this two-time Academy Award winning classic.