Before They Were Cool


All big things start small, and Hollywood is not the exception. Watch your favorite movie stars take the screen long before becoming the glamorous A-listers of today.


Watch Brad Pitt star as a young man suffering from a rare skin condition who forgoes fear and inhibitions to catch some rays and live life to the fullest in “The Dark Side Of The Sun.”


Long before her Oscar, Nicole Kidman starred in “BMX Bandits,” her very first movie role! Here we see the starlet as a bike-loving, thrill-seeking 16-year-old getting in and out of trouble in wild cat and mouse chases all over Sydney, just for the love of the sport.


Before Green Day or Fall Out Boy graced our TV screens and took over the sound waves in the mid 2000’s , we had Diane Lane in “Ladies & Gentlemen: The Fabulous Stains.” Watch the Academy Award nominee channel her inner rebel as the belligerent, lead singer of an all-girl punk rock band in this 80’s classic.


And finally, we have a young Charlize Theron baring her soul (and everything else) in “2 Days In The Valley,” a story about love, betrayal, murder and the consequences of each.

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