Plan A Bloody Valentine’s Day Movie Night


When some people think Valentine’s Day, they think all things pink, flowery, chocolatey, romantic. But, when other people think Valentine’s day, (yes I know it may be the minority, but I wish to bring this perspective to light) they think BLOOOOOOD. They think dark, gruesome, mysterious, devilicious. A romantic candlelit dinner for two just won’t do it for bloody Valentine’s Day lovers. Neither will the most delicious imported Belgium chocolate nor the richest, full-bodied bottle of Merlot out there. Bloody Valentine’s Day is about gore, and more gore.

Here are 5 chilling movie suggestions for you to watch this lovely bloody Valentine’s Day.

1.  Friday the 13th

I’m going to be very blunt here. There’s nothing like being young and in love until your lover ends up dead and your on the run from a crazy, masked maniac!

2. Carrie

If you don’t have a date this Valentine’s day, you’ll surely feel better about yourself than Carrie (Chloe Grace Moretz) did at her prom. Warning: the contents of this film includes a bucket of pig’s blood.

3. She-Devil

As if I need to convince you to watch classy, smart, successful Mary (Meryl Streep) and vengeful housewife Ruth (Roseanne Barr) after Ruth finds out about her hubby’s affair. Watch your back, Mary!

4. Married to the Mob

If you think breakups are hard, try breaking up with the ENTIRE mob. Angela (Michelle Pfeiffer) has to sever her ties to the mob once her husband double-crosses mobster, Tony “The Tiger” Russo. The plot thickens when Tony and an FBI agent both want to date her. We certainly can’t blame either of them, but one of these men will be left hanging…

5. The Voices


This Valentine’s Day, do not stand your date up, because you will quickly learn that there are serious (violent) consequences if you do. Stare deeply into Jerry’s (Ryan Reynolds) psychopathic gaze while he is guided by his evil talking dog and cat in this flick.

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