Celebrate 4/20 with Snoop Dogg

Today is April 20th. What better way to celebrate this day then with Snoop Dogg? While the Doggfather is definitely renowned for his music and his love of pot, few realize how many films and television shows he has appeared in. One of his first roles ever was in the 2000 film Hot Boyz, starring Snoop, Gary Busey, and fellow rappers Master P and Silkk the Shocker.

In it, you can see a young Snoop dribble awkwardly..

But finish with a slam.

You can see Snoop (clairvoyantly?) rock a Denver Broncos hoodie.

In 2015, he launched his cannabis product line throughout weed-heaven Colorado.

And of course, you can see Snoop taking a strong pull of that sticky icky icky, ooh wee!

Celebrate 4/20 by watching Snoop Dogg in Hot Boyz on EPIX.