Dirty Dancing’s Duo Revealed: Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze

Dirty Dancing is the perfect story of finding love when you least expect it. Jennifer Grey plays “Baby,” who stumbles upon the hotel staff’s dance party on a family vacation she isn’t enjoying. Instantly mesmerized by Patrick Swayze’s character, Johnny, her vacation is totally turned on its head. They spend endless hours together as he teaches her how to dance and just like every other romantic film, when the characters “least expect” to fall in love, they do.

 It is always interesting to find out facts about the actors we see on the big screen. Here are some facts about the two dance loving lovebirds.

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Fun facts about Jennifer Grey:

  1. In 2010, Jennifer joined the cast of Dancing with the Stars and was crowned the winner of the 11th season
  2. She was too afraid to practice the “lift” in Dirty Dancing so the first time she did it was on camera while filming the scene
  3. Jennifer was 26 at the time she played Baby, 10 years older than Baby’s age in the film

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 Fun facts about Patrick Swayze:

  1. He was offered both athletic and dance scholarships after high school graduation
  2. Won the People Magazine award for “The Sexist Man Alive” in 1991
  3. Patrick claimed “I hated that line, ‘Nobody puts baby in a corner.’” A line most remembered by viewers.

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