Epic Horror Movie Posters

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, human beings used to make things with their hands with no help from computers. Movie poster art used to be a lucrative business before the age of technology. Whether it is a clever take on a photo-shoot, or something completely drawn by hand, EPIX wants to share with you some of our favorite horror movie posters in honor of this Friday the 13th.  Let’s dive right in.

Friday the 13th
Everyone is familiar with the story of Camp Crystal Lake… ya know, the one where there’s a mass murderer ALWAYS on the loose? We love this poster not only because of its peaceful irony, but also because it’s actually a really pretty piece of artwork! It’s like if Bob Ross designed horror movie posters… “Let’s add a touch of titanium white over here and BLOOD RED OVER HERE.”


April Fools Day
Would you look at these happy idiots? They think they are just toasting their beautiful host and a weekend of fun, but little do they know what their host really has in store for them. Oh, but we know. WE ALL KNOW. Check out that noose braid.


Baron Blood
You’ve heard the story: Man goes to Austria to find out about his heritage, visits a castle, reads an incantation, and brings back a sadistic Baron to continue his torture and murder of innocents. No? Then watch this movie. If the hand drawn poster with some of the Baron’s favorite torture devices doesn’t suck you in, you are in the wrong place.


Don’t Look In The Basement
This horror flick finds a young nurse starting work at a mental institution following a gruesome murder. Too bad she couldn’t check out the poster for the movie she was starring in beforehand, otherwise she would have thought twice about looking in that asylum basement. Hint: What waits down there is far worse than just a knife-wielding hand.


The House That Dripped Blood
Scotland Yard is investigating a mysterious house where horrible things have begun to happen. We’re going to be honest here this one is one of our favorites because of the head on the platter. Plain and simple.

house that dripped blood poster

While Jennifer Aniston’s big break came with Friends, her first time on the big screen was in a little movie called Leprechaun. On the poster, a fresh-faced Aniston has no idea the danger that lurks behind her. Who knew that a 3-foot-tall man dressed in a green suit could be so terrifying?


The Deadly Bees
A young pop singer is just trying to relax on a farm when she realizes there are deadly bees being bred on site. We love this poster because it leaves nothing to the imagination. A movie with such a straightforward title might as well have a poster to match, right? This woman is having the worst day ever.


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