EPIX Lip Sync Battle: The Skeleton Twins Edition

Hello, and welcome to EPIX’s first-ever Lip Sync Battle.  Let’s meet out contestants, estranged twins from Rockland County, New York – Maggie and Milo Dean!   The_Skeleton_Twins4     Maggie (Kristen Wiig) is a married dental hygienist whose hobbies include: salsa dancing, scuba diving, and sleeping with her scuba instructor.  While Milo (Bill Hader) is a struggling actor/waiter whose failed career and relationship resulted in a suicide attempt, which you guessed it. . . he failed.  Milo has moved in with Maggie and her husband to recuperate and living under the same roof has brought back some painful memories from their traumatic childhood.  Milo has chosen Starship’s ‘80s classic, “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” to remind Maggie of some of the happier times they shared growing up.  Take it away, guys!     The_Skeleton_Twins1

Solid boy band moves from Milo!



Maggie was hesitant at first to perform, but Milo’s infectious enthusiasm wears her down.



Oooh, loving the synchronized choreography!



Great energy heading into the big finish!  Impressive high kick, Maggie!


And the winner of the first EPIX Lip Sync Battle is. . . .





You can watch this epic performance in all its glory in The Skeleton Twins, now playing on EPIX and EPIX.com.  You won’t regret it!