EPIX Presents Road To The NHL Stadium Series Brought To You By Coors Light | Episode 2


With the conclusion of the first episode of EPIX Presents Road to the Stadium Series brought to you by Coors Light we learned a lot about the San Jose Sharks and the Los Angeles Kings.


For people not close with the Los Angeles Kings organization we learned about the prominent role Darryl Sutter’s son Chris has in the locker.

In this Episode 1 Best Moment Chris shows us how much of an inspiration he is on the Kings players before they take the ice. His inspiration doesn’t stop in the locker room either. He is vocal from the bench assisting his father and the players during the games. It shows us that the Los Angeles Kings are more than just a team; they’re a family.


As we move to the team they will be playing in the Stadium Series, the San Jose Sharks, we learn about how Brent Burns spends his time off the ice.

He is an animal lover that spends his time off at the Zoo. During Episode 1 his wife opens up to us and says she feels like she already lives in a zoo. After watching the above clip we quickly learn how far Brent’s affinity for animals goes. Most San Jose Sharks fans know about Brent Burns affinity for animals but in Episode 1 we get to see it first hand.


Although the San Jose Sharks and Los Angeles Kings have ways of finding solidarity off the ice, they need to find a way to come together in order to take home the W during the Stadium Series on February 21st.


Catch a sneak peek of Episode 2 of EPIX Presents Road to the Stadium Series brought to you by Coors Light.