EPIX Staff Picks: Must Watch Movies in April

Struggling to decide what to watch this month? With so many movies on EPIX, I understand. A few of EPIX’s very own decided to share a diverse set of films they’re excited to play this April. You can appreciate this month’s Staff Picks below and find out cool surprises to questions like, “Which Louis C.K. movie stars Wanda Sykes?” and “In what movie can you catch both Morgan Freeman and Matthew McConaughey?”!

Rob K.Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

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Bueller…Bueller…Bueller…Ben Stein’s delivery of the title character’s name will forever be etched in pop culture history. As the cool kid that everyone loves, Matthew Broderick’s Ferris Bueller is one of the most iconic characters of the 1980’s, in one of John Hughes most beloved movies. The movie features a classic soundtrack and so many memorable scenes that still resonate 30 years later. Call in sick from school and enjoy the timeless classic.


Lauren V.De-Lovely

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As a fan of old Hollywood and Broadway musicals, De-Lovely is a must-see!  It tells the life story of American composer and songwriter, Cole Porter, who is responsible for many classics, including Anything Goes and Kiss Me, Kate. Kevin Kline, who is excellent in everything, is delightful as Cole Porter, as is Ashley Judd, who plays Cole’s supporting yet long-suffering wife, Linda. The costumes are beautiful, the music is wonderful, and there are several cameos by contemporary singers and theater actors who appear throughout the film. You will definitely want to download the soundtrack after seeing this film!  It’s de-lovely. (Had to do it. So sorry!)


Sam V.His Girl Friday

The culmination of fast-talking, cigarette smoking, and glorious screwball comedy are exactly how we define Howard Hawks’ terrific, memorable movie His Girl Friday. A 1940s gem stars Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant as exes who may-or-may-not still have a thing for each other. They work in the midst of the chaotic newspaper world, writing columns and making headlines. For a good laugh and a look into one of the first strong, independent female characters, this farce should top your list.


Becky W.The Dead Zone

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When a film is mocked on Saturday Night Live with its star at the center of the joke, then it’s a film worth watching. In The Dead Zone, based on the legendary Stephen King’s novel and helmed for the screen by the everyone’s favorite eccentric Canadian David Cronenberg, we follow the inimitable Christopher Walken after he awakens from a horrific car accident with psychic abilities. Walken can see into a person’s past or future trauma by a mere touch––an ability that is both a blessing and a curse. A stellar performance in a seamless adaptation, The Dead Zone is a sci-fi necessary watch.


Rasheed W.Pootie Tang

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Sa da tay! One of the more underrated comedy films of our generation, Pootie Tang stars Emmy Award-winner and stand-up comedian Lance Crouther as Pootie Tang, a colorful, slang-talking, ladies’ man. Written and directed by Louis C.K., the flick features comedic legends such as Chris Rock, who produced the film, and Wanda Sykes. Other comedic greats such as J.B. Smooth, Jennifer Coolidge and Robert Vaughn make their own incredible and distinct marks on screen, too. Pootie Tang is bound to have you laughing.


Matt S.Amistad

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After successful dramatic turns with The Color Purple, Empire of the Sun, and Schindler’s List, Steven Spielberg tackles the mutiny aboard slave ship Amistad. In a breakthrough role, Djimon Hounsou stars as Cinque, the leader in the rebellion of African slaves against the crew. They seize control of the Amistad but are soon captured by an American naval ship and charged with piracy… and the court proceedings ensue. This is an intense film, skillfully and delicately directed by Spielberg, with an impressive cast including Matthew McConaughey, Morgan Freeman, and Sir Anthony Hopkins.


Graham W.Top Five

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One of the great philosophers of our time, Chris Rock, has gotten back in the director’s chair. Matter of fact, he’s also lounging in the producer’s, writer’s, and star’s throne as well. The result is a fantastic New York movie that will quench your thirst for just about anything…comedy, drama, satire––even romance. Oh and did I mention the friends he’s brought along with him? J.B. Smoove, Rosario Dawson, Jerry Seinfeld, Gabrielle Union, Tracy Morgan, Sherri Shepherd, Ben Vereen, Leslie Jones, Luis Guzman and Kevin Hart, just to name a few. Which begs the question, who’s in your Top Five?


Mike R.Box of Moonlight

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After almost 20 years since its release I now have a greater appreciation for this charming and insightful “little film.” John Turturro plays a guy named Al who learns how to have fun again when he meets a younger man played by Sam Rockwell who is living off the land. When the “kid” says, “Hey man, I’m off the grid” Al’s response is, “You’re off you f*#ng nut!” and things just get crazier and funnier from there. Watching these two fine actors again in these early roles playing complete opposites who come together is truly a joy to behold. I missed it back in 1997 but I get it now… Which is kinda the whole point on the movie.

Any thoughts, comments, or feedback about our picks? Have a pick of your own? Share ’em in the comments section!