Just In Time For New Year’s Resolutions: The Ethan Hunt Workout


Are you one of the millions of people (like me) who resolved to get in shape in 2016? Did you instantly regret your pledge to fitness by midday January first? Me too! Luckily, I’ve found fitness inspiration in a unique place… Tom Cruise. And since we’re the same height (really) I don’t see why I can’t look exactly like him come February.

Of course I don’t want the same build as Tommy Boy himself, but rather the epitome of physical perfection he achieves in Mission: Impossible as super spy Ethan Hunt. Framed for the deaths of his teammates and suspected of epic treason, Secret Agent Hunt is forced to flee, and I don’t mean casually hopping on the next BoltBus. Think clinging to the roof of a train, jumping from a speeding motorcycle, and car chases galore. And, as everyone on the lam knows, if you’re going to flee you’ve got to be fit.


So what exactly is Agent Hunt’s workout regime? It’s safe to assume that he’s not a Crossfit-er (that workout craze didn’t start until 2000ish and Hunt is on the run in 1996). The same philosophy goes for eating paleo or vegan. Is he a yogi? Certainly his flexibility both on and off of moving modes of transportation would imply that he does his fair share of stretching. Perhaps he is a Krav Maga black belt? He whoops enough butts to make that plausible.

But I believe that his incredible core strength comes from a less predictable mode of exercise… Jazzercise! After all, this guy is running from the CIA! He’s got to go where he’s least expected.


Watch Tom Cruise on the silver screen – the bigger the better since you’ll want to inspect his flexing muscles and glistening biceps as closely as I have… you know… for research purposes – and prepare to reignite your New Year’s Resolution inspiration. Mission: Impossible, the first installment of the famous franchise, is now playing on EPIX and EPIX.com.