Everybody Plays the Fool…Sometimes


There’s only one day a year when you can literally get away with anything. That day is the first of April, aka April Fool’s Day. About five years ago, someone plastered “In-N-Out Burger Coming Soon” posters all over downtown Manhattan…only to discover that it was a giant April Fool’s prank. That was the single most disappointing moment in my entire life. So, for those of you looking to enjoy your April Fool’s Day, why not settle down with the 80’s cult classic called…wait for it…April Fool’s Day?! This is 80’s camp horror at it’s absolute finest.

You’ve got creepy Jack in the Box monsters:


You’ve got heads falling off:


You’ve got deranged women stabbing themselves in the hand:


You’ve got plenty of throat-slitting action:


And of course, you’ve got arguably the best 80’s villain of ALL TIME…none other than Back to the Future’s Biff Tannen:


So if you’re in the mood for a cult-campy-throwback April Fool’s Day…don’t be an April Fool!