#FBF Olympics Edition: The Cutting Edge


With the Rio Olympic Games quickly approaching, it’s impossible not to be in awe of the work that so many athletes put into becoming Olympic medalists. They dedicate their lives to their sport – the hard work and total commitment is worthy of indefinite praise.


Just imagine being in their shoes/cleats/skates. Now take a moment and imagine the tragic scenarios presented in The Cutting Edge – the well-known 90s romantic comedy/drama about two unlikely partners headed to the ’93 Winter Olympics.


How you would feel if, after years of complete devotion, putting your body through the wringer, and frankly freezing your tookas off at the ice rink every day, you randomly injure your eye (like the lovable Doug Dorsey, a member of the U.S. Ice Hockey Team), or your figure skating partner drops out (like what happened to the snobby prima donna Kate Moseley)…. Well, you’d be up you-know-what creek.


Luckily Doug and Kate are steadfast in their goal to get to Albertville, France, the home of the 1993 Olympics. Forced to work together if they ever want to make it to the winter games, Doug and Kate partner up and go a couple rounds in the rink. Figure skating seems like a gentle and graceful sport, but when you contemplate the fact that they’re gliding around on two sharp razor blades and spinning around inches from rock hard ice, it puts things in perspective – you’ve got to be one tough and resourceful cookie to compete (just ask Tonya Harding). To the audience’s delight, Doug and Kate fight through their “love/skate” relationship and things take an interesting turn after all those triple axels – but you’ll have to watch for yourself to find out how.

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