Ferris is Fully Booked: The Most Productive Hooky Day Ever


Ferris Bueller is the indisputable most productive man ever portrayed on film. He does more with his one single day (really, it’s only 7 am – 4 pm!) than I do in most weeks, AND he does it with his girl and bestie by his side like a real baller.

When I have a day off, I sit alone in the dark and binge on EPIX while carbo-loading (sure, call me a multi-tasker). Ferris goes to museums, eats at fine restaurants, drives luxury cars, and marches in parades – all pre-Outlook, Evernote, Clear and all other productivity apps!

Let’s recap his to-do list. Ferris starts the day by delivering quite the compelling monologue to his mother expressing his fake illness. Once convinced, he then rigs a mannequin and sound machine to help back his story should anyone come to check on him. Note to self: a true G covers all tracks. Then he practices his clarinet, hacks into his school’s computer system and changes his outfit multiple times. He convinces his best bud Cameron to come over, continues to con his school, and then they collect his girlfriend Sloane. All this before 9 am!


The trio continues on to the Sears Tower, the Chicago Board of Trade, Chez Quis (table for Abe Froman, Sausage King of Chicago, please!), Wrigley Field, and The Art Institute of Chicago. Then they perform in a parade! A PARADE! Following all of this, they go for a quick dip then return Cameron’s dad’s car. Or, errr, try to. That cherry red ’63 Modena Spyder isn’t the only thing with a ton of miles on it – Ferris, Cameron and Sloane covered an incredible amount of turf.

Skip the productivity Ted Talk and watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, instead. Now playing on EPIX and EPIX.com.