5 Must See Cult Classics

Cult films are like the rechargeable batteries of the film industry; No matter how much time passes, cult films will always have power thanks to their loyal fans. From oft-overlooked comedies to Razzie-worthy masterpieces, cult films gain traction for a reason. So, take a look at some of the best cult films EPIX has to offer and see if you’re missing out on something great.

“Saved by the Bell” star Elizabeth Berkeley shocked audiences in this wild, so-bad-it’s-good flick. Set in ’90s Vegas, Berkeley stars as Nomi Malone, a mysterious and intense young woman trying to make it as a – you guessed it- showgirl in Sin City. Topless fight scenes, sensual lap dances, tales of friendship and deceit, Kyle McLachlan with a really horrible haircut… “Showgirls” is a movie that has it all.


Cannibal! The Musical
Before “South Park,” Trey Parker and Matt Stone joined forces on the 1993 sordid epic “Cannibal! The Musical.” Written by Parker, the recent college grad implemented his songwriting abilities to weave this dark comedic tale set in the late 19th century. The story is loosely based on the real-life journey of Alfred Packer, who had to resort to some less than savory tactics in order to survive his harrowing journey from Utah to Colorado.

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White Zombie
Zombies are so popular nowadays, but did you know that filmmakers have been telling these stories of the undead for nearly a century? With a 1932 release, “White Zombie” is regarded as the first zombie flick and stars the one and only Bela Lugosi. Although this monster movie was far less popular than its counterparts at the time, “White Zombie” has gained a cult following for its over-the-top acting, creepy atmosphere and monumental status in the horror genre.

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Next time you go searching for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, be careful of the pint-sized, bloodthirsty Irishman that may be waiting for you. Jennifer Aniston finds this out the hard way, when the actress ends up fighting for her life against a wise-cracking, cutthroat leprechaun, played by character actor Warwick Davis. “Leprechaun” marks Aniston’s first starring role, and although it doesn’t quite match the rest of her filmography, it’s still a celebrated cult film among horror lovers.



The Toxic Avenger
One of Troma’s most popular films to date, “The Toxic Avenger” is the campy, action-packed tale of underdog Melvin Ferd III. Working as a janitor, Melvin is constantly taunted by his peers, but the tables turn once he becomes a radioactive superhero after falling into a barrel of toxic waste. What follows is an absurd mix of vengeance and justice, as Melvin restores peace around the corrupt town of Tromaville, one piece of human waste at a time.

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