Focus on Foreign Film

In recent years we’ve seen the mainstream popularity of foreign film soar. Today we highlight five of the best and brightest movies from around the globe all available to watch now on

First off, we have: “Biutiful”. This critically acclaimed Mexican/Spanish drama starring Oscar winner Javier Bardem and directed by this year’s recipient of the Academy Award for Best Director, Alejandro G. Iñárritu, tells the story of Uxbal, a man coming to terms with his decaying health and the day-to-day struggles of fatherhood. Bardem’s beautifully melancholic portrayal is simply heart-wrenching.


Based on a true story, “Bandits In Milan”, follows a gang of robbers as they pull a series of daring heists, murdering innocent bystanders in the process. A classic of 60’s Italian cinema that is too exciting to miss.


Next we have the Russian drama: “The Sun”, a biographical film that depicts the internal struggle of Japanese Emperor Hirohito in the aftermath of the Hiroshima bombing as he surrenders to his foes and loses his “divine” status.


The French film “Home”, starring acclaimed actress Isabelle Huppert, follows a family living in proximity to a seemingly abandoned highway as it is suddenly opened for business altering their quiet, rural lifestyle and they must now face the notion that a house is not necessarily a home.


And finally we have the beloved Chilean dramedy “Gloria”. A story that narrates the journey of a 54 year old divorce transitioning from dedicated wife and mother into singlehood. This highly praised film gives us an inside-look into the emotional complexities of a woman trying to find herself as everyone around her has moved on.