Get The Look: Effie Trinket From The Hunger Games

Panem’s Effie Trinket is the fashionista who knows how to get our attention. Her large colorful hair, extravagant costumes and flawless makeup, perfectly capture the Capitol’s couture. Her over the top looks are styled by the talented Costume Designer, Trish Summerville. These looks have been a fashion inspiration for many women, but of course, Effie’s costumes are worth lots and lots of money.

Here are some Effie Trinket inspired looks that may be easier to find than the originals!

1. The magenta dress suit that overwhelmed District 12 during the reaping: 


A very similar blazer to Effies for your wardrobe


2. The much talked about butterfly dress that got everyone’s attention: 


This very similar looking dress can be yours too!


3. The famous purple feather dress Effie rocked to the end of the Victor’s Tour: 

Get your own version of the look here.


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