Holly Golightly: Feminist Pioneer?


Excuse me, but I’m about to ruin a couple of people’s day. Holly Golightly, arguably Truman Capote’s best creation, is one of the most idolized film characters of all time – people have her iconic photo hanging on their wall in XXL poster form, they dress as her for Halloween complete with pearls and a long cigarette holder, they quote her on Twitter – but in reality, she is actually a prostitute.

At best she is a high-end escort, or maybe just a straight up gold-digger or geisha, but no matter how you slice it she is a far cry from the enviable, independent young gal making it in the big city that so many people credit her to be. Her ‘job’ is socializing with wealthy men, which isn’t exactly a LinkedIn title. BOOM. Mic drop.


But before you tear your poster down and curse the day I was born, take this into consideration – in my day and age grabbing breakfast on the go while dressed in last night’s clothes was called the “walk of shame” but in Holly’s time it’s more elegantly called “breakfast at Tiffany’s” – which would you prefer?


Maybe Holly is a bit of an avant-garde feminist. She escapes a rural life as Lula Mae and what sounds to be a wacky marriage, gets herself a sweet pied-à-terre and a cat named Cat, collects some amazing hats and an interesting squad, and goes on adventures to Sing Sing. Sounds pretty modern to me. On second thought, maybe she’s worth idolizing after all…

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