Hollywood Sessions: Best Quotes

We love award season not just for the movies, the celebrities, and the outfits, but also for learning a little bit more about the craft that goes into our favorite films. Hollywood Sessions on EPIX provides us with just that: an in-depth, unguarded look into these movies, directly from the actors and directors involved in them. Below are a list of some great quotes from the Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress parts of the series.


Thus far during award season, Patricia Arquette has nabbed every Supporting Actress trophy imaginable for her role as Mom in “Boyhood,” the coming-of-age tale that was shot over 12 years. Although such a long process, it wasn’t easy for Arquette to let go. “I felt like sort of one of those hustler salesman who has three families in three places.”


Laura Dern also played mom in a few successful movies this year: summer-hit “The Fault in Our Stars” and “Wild,” which has brought her an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. She spoke candidly on a moment in her career where someone told her how to look and conduct herself:

“I did my first movie at 11 and I heard so many things.. I luckily had two actors (her parents) at home to process it with…who were like ‘fuck those people!’ ”


Emma Stone and Edward Norton star in Alejandro González Iñárritu’s “Birdman”, which mainly appears as one continuous long shot. Both actors found great joy in such challenging shots.

“The feeling of it all working fluidly is the greatest feeling I’ve ever had on a set.” — Stone
“In terms of the stakes.. it brings a heightened focus.” — Norton

Stone also voiced a pretty strong opinion against social media:


Mark Ruffalo’s stock continues to rise, drawing both Emmy nominations for “The Normal Heart” and Oscar nominations for “Foxcatcher”. His advice to his younger self would give you the impression that his journey has been anything but easy:

“I promise you, you’re not going to be homeless.”

Tilda Swinton‘s 2014 wasn’t half bad, as she was able to work with Wes Anderson in Oscar-nominated film “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” as well as Bong Joon-ho’s “Snowpiercer.” She explained what attracts such great filmmakers to come find her:

Swinton also touched on the large difference between independent films and blockbusters:

“All films are different.. except for the films that cost a fortune that go out of their way to not be different.. because god forbid that they should be different… they got to be this slashed with that slashed with that so that people know what they’re getting…. but most independent films are different.”


Lastly, JK Simmons, who’s performance in “Whiplash” has made him a heavy favorite for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, offers simple advice to his younger self (and to all of these actors in this time of celebration):

“Be here now. Appreciate the moment. Live life as its happening.”

Catch more of these great minds’ dialogue in Hollywood Sessions.