Jim Norton, Hercules & More: What To Watch On EPIX This April


It’s that time again! From hilarious new stand-up specials to action-packed flicks, here’s what you won’t want to miss on EPIX this month.

Jim Norton returns to EPIX with his brand new, hilarious comedy special, Contextually Inadequate on April 24th. If you’re a fan of Jim or raunchy hilarity in general, you won’t be disappointed with the comedian’s latest stand-up.


After you enjoy some laughs with Jim, be sure to tune in to the premiere of Hercules on April 25th. Dwayne Johnson stars as the demi-god and the movie mixes the perfect dose of action, adventure and tongue-in-cheek humor, making it the ideal choice for a Saturday movie night-in.

Can’t wait to watch? Check out this interview with Rotten Tomatoes correspondent Grae Drake and star Dwayne Johnson for an inside look at the making of the movie to hold you over.


In case you’re craving even more action and adventure in your life, make sure you check out all the Star Trek movies on EPIX this month. From Star Trek: The Motion Picture to Star Trek Into Darkness, you can watch the very first of the franchise films on the silver screen to the most recent.


Also not to miss, A Conversation With Leonard Nimoy. The late actor sits down for a candid interview in which he shares his own view on the creation of the character Mr. Spock – and the Star Trek phenomenon.



More To Watch On EPIX:

Cantinflas (PG, 2014)

29 Palms (R, 2002)

Amistad (R, 1997)

The Bounty (PG, 1984)

Belly (R, 1998)

Escape From Alcatraz (PG, 1979)

The Expendables 3 (PG-13, 2014)

Saved! (PG-13, 2004)

Disturbing Behavior (R, 1998)

Mommie Dearest (PG, 1981)

Cool World (PG-13, 1992)

Suicide Kings (R, 1997)

Tapeheads (R, 1988)

The Skeleton Twins (R, 2014)

Stephen King’s The Dead Zone (R, 1983)