Leprechaun. A Drinking Game.

It’s that time of year again, when you drink till you drop and break out your itchiest wool sweater. Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! Let EPIX get in on your fun with this drinking game based on the classic horror movie Leprechaun!

• Drink anytime the phrase “pot of gold” is said.
• Drink anytime someone else is drinking.
• Drink anytime a shamrock appears on screen.
• Drink anytime The Leprechaun disguises his voice.
• Drink anytime there is a rhyme.
• Drink anytime The Leprechaun says “Me” instead of “My”
• Finish your drink the first time you see Jennifer Aniston.
• Drink anytime Jennifer Aniston complains or acts like a spoiled brat.
• Drink anytime The Leprechaun pays attention to shoes.
• Drink anytime luck is mentioned.
• Finish your drink anytime someone dies.

Maybe don’t watch the whole movie and play this game if you have plans on hitting the town after. Best of luck to ya boyo!

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  • James Smith

    This would have been awesome to try. Great list, maybe next time I’ll give it a shot.
    -James (beerponglife.com)