May the 4th Be With You!

Tomorrow may be Cinco de Mayo, but today folks…well today is Star Wars Day. How will you celebrate? Will you watch the original Episodes 4, 5, & 6 in a row? Perhaps you’ll start with the prequels and watch the entire franchise in sequential order, 1 through 6? Or you may want to start with a particular documentary that sheds some light on the genius behind the Star Wars franchise. That doc is called: The People Vs. George Lucas.


The doc focuses on the franchise that started it all. Without Star Wars, we may not have ever seen the modern day Superhero flicks we’re so accustomed to seeing every summer. Without Star Wars, the sci-fi/action genre may not be as we know it to be today. Star Wars not only changed the movie industry, but it paved the way for merchandising as well. Toys, cartoons, costumes and even parodies became mainstream and almost expected.


Some argue that it’s to cash in on the franchise’s loyal fan base. However, sixteen years after Return of the Jedi was released, George Lucas did the unthinkable…he created the prequels!!!


Thus spawning a never-ending love/hate relationship between Lucas and arguably the most dedicated, infatuated, faithful fan base ever!


While some rejoice on May 4th, I urge you to dig deeper. Take the next step in your fandom with this entertaining and inquisitive doc, The People Vs. George Lucas folks. May the 4th be with you…and with George Lucas.