#MCM: Leslie Nielsen


It’s Man Crush Monday and today we turn our attention to the one and only, Leslie Nielsen. Beloved by men and women alike, Leslie gave us some of the most memorable comedic performances in history. Here are some interesting facts of our favorite funnyman’s life:

He was Canadian. Leslie Nielsen was born on the 11th of February 1926 in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Did you know was legally deaf? That’s right, as result he wore hearing aids from childhood to his death at age 84.

He was a military man who served in the Canadian Air Force during WWII.

He also worked as a radio station DJ in Calgary, Canada.

An avid golf aficionado, he created a series of funny instructional videos entitled “Bad Golf Made Easier” and “Stupid Little Golf Video”:

He tried to make it as a “serious” actor. We all remember him for his iconic performances in Airplane! and The Naked Gun series, but Leslie started out his acting career in serious roles even auditioning for films like Ben-Hur and The Shining. Check him out in this screen test for a role in Ben-Hur:

He could’ve possibly been Willy Wonka! Nielsen was one of the candidates to take on the beloved role in Tim Burton’s remake, but ultimately lost out to Johnny Depp.

A funnyman through and through, Nielsen often amused himself and those around by carrying a remote controlled “fart machine” which he regularly used during tv interviews. Take a look at his hilarious antics from this classic Letterman clip:

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