Mother knows best? A Parenting Guide of DON’Ts from Mommie Dearest

Dear Moms,

We know it’s tough being a parent. There’s a lot to balance with different schedules and life and all that. And we give you credit, big time. But like Will Smith once rapped, “Sometimes parents just don’t understand” and in the case of Hollywood’s favorite ego-maniacal mom, Joan Crawford, it couldn’t be any closer to the truth.


This is one mom who just can’t get it right, but one thing is for sure. She does show us what not to do really well when dealing with kids. Please, take note.


1. Don’t get scissor crazy. If you find your child playing dress up at your makeup counter do NOT proceed to punish her by going all Edward Scissorhands. No one appreciates a bowl cut on the first day of school.

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2. Don’t sweat the small things. Wire hanger versus plastic hanger, seriously, what’s the difference?


3. Don’t compete. It’s such a lose-lose situation when everyone wants to win, including the grown-ups.


4. Don’t curse. A child’s mind is like a sponge. Unless you want them picking up on your dirty language, keep it PG.


5. Don’t take it personal. Growing up is hard to do. When your kids tell you they hate you, just let it go. They’ll get over it. That is, if you let them live through it!


If you really want your kids appreciation this Mother’s Day, gather around the television and watch Mommie Dearest.