Mother, May I Marry For Money?


Every mother wants the best for her child. The problem is, everyone defines “best” in different ways. Helicopter Moms want to keep a close eye on everything their kid is exposed to – after all, it’s not their fault that you’re singing the ABCs wrong. Tiger Moms want their kids to study, practice, and be the damn best (clarinet scholarships don’t grow on trees!). New Age Moms are holistic, organic, 100% natural, and will cut a B who tries to serve junior some gluten. Let’s not forget the Pinterest Mom (addicted to DIY projects and crafts), the Pilates Mom (frequently spotted in a Range Rover and not at an actual Pilates studio), the Soccer Mom (the field is their natural habitat, usually found with orange slices on hand), the Mommy Blogger (please don’t get me started), and the infamous and often featured on film “MILF.”


But this post is dedicated to another type of mom. A working mother, of sorts, who encourages her daughter to strive for success and passes on the top tricks of the trade. Her “trade” happens to be the art of the con, and she is the best in the business. In Heartbreakers, Sigourney Weaver plays a calculating – yet charming! – con artist who seduces wealthy men, quickly marries them, and equally as quickly files for divorce and cashes in on a big settlement when she discovers her new husband is having an affair. Heartbreaking, right? The only catch is that the mistress is always her equally cunning daughter, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, who has no problem seducing her new step dad and leading him right to an expensive day at divorce court.


Before you wag your finger at this unconventional mother-daughter relationship, think of the dynamics in Trading Mom and Mommie Dearest. Sure, these families would send even the most stable person straight to the therapist’s chair, but they sure do make for great plot lines!

You won’t want to miss Heartbreakers, now playing on EPIX and And I must mention – Ray Liotta, Gene Hackman, Jason Lee, Zach Galifinakis, and Anne Bancroft also star in the film. Now go call your mother and thank her for being totally stable by comparison.