Mother of the Year: Mommie Dearest v. Rosemary’s Baby

I’ve written about the many different styles of mothering out there – and although every school of thought whole-heartedly believes it is the best and only way, there are many “right” ways to raise children. There are also some distinctly bad ways.

Take Joan Crawford, for example. In Mommie Dearest, the film based on the scandalous tell-all bestselling book by her daughter Christina, we get some insight into parenting tactics that should be avoided, like, oh I don’t know, dragging your children out of bed in the middle of the night and forcing them to clean the bathroom, demanding they give away their birthday gifts, and the mother of all horrifying acts – beating them with wire hangers. Don’t do that. The Crawfords: a family of two adorable kids and one an atrocious mom.

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Then consider sweet Rosemary Woodhouse from the acclaimed Rosemary’s Baby, who lands on the other end of the spectrum. Things were looking up for her – brand new apartment, her husband’s acting career was taking off, a trend-setting pixie cut – and then suddenly she realizes she’s been impregnated by the devil. She had all of the potential in the world to be the perfect mom, but that dang Lucifer really jacked up her plans. The Woodhouses: a sweet, young couple with a sinister baby-on-the-way.


Which of the two would win the coveted ‘Mother of the Year’ award? Which would you rather have as your own mom (keep in mind – if you select Rosemary you’re labeling yourself as a malevolent beast). Watch both Mommie Dearest and Rosemary’s Baby now playing on EPIX and, then call your mom and thank her for not using your closet against you.