Mystic Pizza: True Love Isn’t What You Expect


You know the end of Frozen (um, spoiler alert for the 3 people out there who haven’t had the experience of hearing “LET IT GO, LET IT GOOOOO” ricochet off of their craniums for days on end) when you think Anna’s true love kiss is going to be the cartoon equivalent of a frat bro and then it turns out her true love is really her sister Elsa?! Well, I’m sure many were pleasantly surprised by this plot twist but it certainly wasn’t the first time it was used.

Take, for example, the amazing, iconic 80s movie, Mystic Pizza. On first glance it seems like it’s about false romantic love and lust – love between Julia Roberts’ character Daisy and Charles the rich guy she dates (BTdubs how does one get ‘type-cast’ as someone who always dates rich guys?… asking for a friend), love between her sister Kat and Tim her married boss, love between their friend Jojo and Bill the adorable fisherman who just wants to get married – but really it’s a love story about female friendship. Believe it, honey!


These three women are tight. Like, ride or die tight. They support each other through thick and thin (and I’m not just talking about pizza crust! Hey ho!) and it’s really quite admirable and inspiring. I assure you, I would rather have a friend like them, especially one that gets an employee discount at a pizza parlor, than date some random dude, even if he does have a fresh fish hook-up.

mystic pizza still 9

If this sounds too extra-cheesy for you, keep in mind that the film is also packed full of handy life tips.

Tip 1: you can buy expensive clothes, wear them, and return them as long as you keep the tag on (not endorsed by EPIX).

Tip 2: Don’t fall for your married employer.

Tip 3: Go heavy on the pepperoni.


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