New EPIX App on Roku


We’ve got some exciting news –  we’ve upgraded the EPIX app on Roku!

EPIX was the first premium network to launch on Roku and since then we’ve seen jut how much our subscribers enjoy watching our movies and specials on demand there anytime, anywhere. As we continue to grow our content library (original series to come this Fall!), we wanted to also improve the way our viewers are able to enjoy their favorite movies and shows.


With the new app, you’ll notice a much improved experience – we’re talking big images, sleek design and new features like the EPIX live channels in app and a new featured section devoted to all of the BTS/added value pieces we produce for our titles. You’ll also notice we’ve added Rotten Tomatoes ratings to the experience to help tailor your search and discovery experience. Our earlier app was missing user queues and history sections, but no more! Now you can manage both your past and future watch lists on your favorite EPIX app.

If you’re already watching EPIX on Roku, make sure you upgrade to the new experience. If you aren’t, there’s no excuse not to anymore! Visit to activate your Roku app against your EPIX account. Watch all the newest content on EPIX and let us know what you think of the upgraded experience!

  • LookerUp

    Is there a free trial available for this?

    • Currently, EPIX is not offering a free trial, so only EPIX subscribers can log in to watch. However, you can still browse through lots of behind-the-scenes videos without an EPIX account using the new app. And stay tuned for the EPIX Free Preview Weekend May 12 – 15th.

  • iluvmonarchs

    I can’t help but wonder why you offer a Roku channel, but I can’t subscribe without having cable. Really does not make any sense whatsoever to me.

    • Tampammm

      It is actually very useful to existing cable subcribers who have EPIX because there is tons more content and programming available to us on the Roku EPIX channel than there is on our cable/on demand channel. And you never have to record anything because its all available for you on the Roku. However, I also agree with you that EPIX should separately also offer users a chance to subscribe directly to them via the Roku. Like HBO has a “Go” channel for their cable subscribers and a “Now” channel to subscribe to them directly via Internet devices like the Roku.

      • ThunderLumber

        ur so full of shiit

        • Tampammm

          And you’re a lumber-ing idiot.

          I just logged in to the Roku EPIX channel and did a quick count of the movies available instantly. There are about 1,600 of them there. So again, that is massive. And we’re not even talking about the TV or original series programming on there.

          This is an extremely valuable channel/resource for me and countless others.

          • ThunderLumber

            well tamponmmm u still suck balls

          • Tampammm

            That remains to be seen my thunder-ing imbecile.

            But we have officially established that the EPIX channel does not.

          • ThunderLumber

            hey bleedingragmmm, did u forget to mention that ur example HBO GO (FY) AND HBO NOW is a PAY site as well idiot? No? here’s my balls to suck

          • Tampammm

            Yes, I mentioned it very clearly lumber-ing lunkhead.

  • Joe Scaccio