Party On, Bromance! Wayne + Garth = Best RomCom of All Time


It only takes watching a handful of Rom-Coms before the recipe becomes painfully clear:

One part Perfect Casting: You need two people (preferably one is awkward-yet-adorable with an affinity for mumbling and/or tripping, and one is successful-yet-stunted, totally unaware that they’re capable and deserving of love).

Two parts Meet-Cute: The two aforementioned characters are brought together in a cutesy way. Maybe one of them owns a bookstore (I can think of three movies off the top of my head that involve a book store owner), maybe they both reach out for the same item (coffee, cashmere glove, dog leash – it doesn’t matter), maybe one is in a position of power (boss, cop, coolest guy in high school) and they take a liking to their counterpart because of a dare/personal or professional challenge/pure pity…

A pinch of Instant Distaste: Yeah, the original meeting was cute and will make a great story for the fictional grandkids, but the characters will inevitably hate each other and compete in some way for the first third of the film. Don’t worry – SPOILER ALERT – they eventually fall in love.

A splash of Zany Sidekick: 9 times out of 10 this character is played by Judy Greer.

Mix in Killer Soundtrack, a drizzle of Crazy Antics and blend until smooth.


With those ingredients in mind, it is undeniable that Wayne’s World is the best Rom-Com of all time. Think about it; Wayne and Garth are loveable slackers who support each other’s crazy ideas, they go on epic adventures together, they fight for what’s right, and they’re perfect partners in both public-access-TV-show-hosting AND life.

Their love for each other is stronger than Wayne’s love for Cassandra (heck, even psychotic Stacy’s love for Wayne). They bond over mutual deep appreciation for rock n’ roll and inability to hold down a job, and they have an epic fight but makeup and reaffirm their unbreakable relationship. To top it off, they are joined by Chris Farley – the man sidekick dreams are made of.

Forget Allie and Noah, screw Rose and Jack, kick Harry and Sally to the curb — Wayne and Garth are the best couple in the history of film. Don’t believe me? Watch for yourself! Way? WAYYYYYY.

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