Project Almanac: A Lesson In How Not To Time Travel

project almanac

Look at this picture closely. Do you see anything unusual about it?


How about over the kid with brown hair’s shoulder?


You might be asking yourself why I’m asking about that teenager in the photo. It’s because the little brown haired boy and the teenager are in fact the same person!


How can that possibly be?


The answer is simple… time travel.


Somehow this teenager found out a way to travel back in time to relive his 7th birthday. How is it possible a teenager was able to invent a way to travel through time?

By looking at the trailer it seems this isn’t the only place the teenager visited with his time machine. If you just invented time travel what would be the first thing you’d do?

Use time travel to help win the lottery?

If that’s your first thought you have something in common with the characters of Project Almanac.


These kids should have really watched Back to the Future because they would know the consequences of abusing time travel. Marty McFly found out the hard way when he tried to take a sports almanac back to 1985 to place some bets. Unfortunately, Biff beat him to it and created an alternate 1985.

Although the consequences of time travel remain similar to that of Back to the Future, Project Almanac differs in that people begin disappearing due to the misuse of time travel. They get erased… from existence.

EPIX sits down with the stars of Project Almanac to find out what they would do if they really had the ability to travel back in time.

There’s only one way to find out if the characters of the film can get their lives back to normal.

Check out Project Almanac in theaters January 30th.