EPIX Presents Road to the NHL Winter Classic Music & Playlist

Even though the journey to the 2016 Bridgestone Winter Classic game is over, you can still pound your fists to the sick beats of Season 2 of the Road to the NHL Winter Classic series.


You guys loved the music in nearly every episode, so we’ve broken out the playlists for The Road to the NHL Winter Classic Series. Which song got you most pumped? Which one just made the moment that much more perfect? Let us know what you think!


Episode 1

Song Title, Artist/Composer

Sky Ships by Jochem Weierink

NHL Winter Classic Theme by John Sands

Steel Teeth by Ruggeri / Wood / Morley

God Damn Better by Kenneth Sorensen

On Your Knees by Boserup / Kaniewski

Lost Again by Magnum Opus

Uprising by Gabriel Shadid

Pulse of Life by Tony Clarke

Guerilla Levy by Matteo Locasciulli

The Depths Of Hell by Salkeld / Pollard

This Is Not A Drill by Audio Android / Red Earth

Horizon by Britton / Goldsmith

Virgin by Manchester Orchestra

Clear As Mud by Ruggeri / Wood / Morley

Apollo by Max Concors

Death Climb by Audio Android / Red Earth

Shoot To Kill by Bergensen / Phoenix

Advance Party by Satnam Ramgotra

Heartbeat by Levinson / Taylor / Emanuel

Into The Fire by Joshua Herschel Klein

Eyes On Me by O’Dowda / Wood

Summer’s Fall by Douglas G Petty

Trouble All Around by Gooding

Let’s Dance Together ‘Til Morning by Paul Reeves

Day’s Journey by Nicholas Harvey

Summer Jazz by Michaels / Shave / Benson

Biohazard by Josh Powell

Subtle Bed by John Sands

The Reckoning by Santam Ramgotra

Jagged by Hedden / McWilliams

A Lone Figure by Britton / Goldsmith

Shattered Recon by Daniel James

Helios by Max Concors

Episode 2

Song Title, Artist/Composer

The Mighty Shall Rise by Daniel Austin Olson

NHL Winter Classic Theme by John Sands

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Andy Williams

To Overcome by Jordan Zac

Emergence by Duru/Nouveau

Mob Rules by New/MacDonald

Past Memories by Henson/Smith

Drink Yer Milk by Shea/Fingers/Fingers

Sergeant Steel by Pfeffer/Bergersen/Phoenix

Freedom Army by Bergersen/Phoenix

Presidio by Bergersen/Phoenix

The Challenger by Gabriel Shadid

Bring Me Back To Life by Nineoneone/Bristol/Steele/Bannister

Think 4 Yourself by Chomsk/Engberg/Parks

Echo of Images by Duru/Nouveau

Universal Oblivion by Dirk Leupolz

All The Rage by Werner Tautz

Voyage by Quiney/Lorca

Worth Dying For by Nexus Trix

Breach and Clear by Atli Orvarsson

Battlefront by Audio Android/Red Earth

From The Ashes by Sons of Pythagoras

Abandon Me by Roberts Wayne

Bad Man by Blues Saraceno

Tiger Blood by Bennett/McCarthy

Decisive Action by Lorne Balfe

Global Headlines by Pearson/Baylis/Hewson

Battlefield Vengeance by Allan/Bossi/Guzman

Fortress Offensive by Wise/Bossi

No Greater Love by Joshua Powell

Torn By Fear by Stedford/Wallace

Waiting For Judgement by Godfrey/Pister

Spilled Blood by Daniel James

Counterstrike Squad by Daniel James

Back Home by Thibault Geffroy

Sea Of Soul by Deryn Cullen/Daniel Cullen

Episode 3

Song Title, Artist/Composer

Eternity by Benjamin Andrew MacDougall

NHL Winter Classic Theme by John Sands

Oligarch Standoff by Poole/Flowers

Chime by Hatfield/Johnson

Bartholomew by The Silent Comedy

Sugar High by Kay/Wood

Three Little Words by Abbott/Vasco

Dawn Of Creation by Max Concors

Cold and Calculating by Hill/Price

Lead From The Front by Balfe/B. Fingers/B.R. Fingers

While You Were Sleeping by Lee Baker

Goodbye by D. Kelly/M. Kelly

Sonic Gloom by Klebe/B. Fingers/B.R. Fingers

Poison Chalice by Brodka/B. Fingers/B.R. Fingers

Team Six by Satnam Ramgotra

Rise and Fall by Parrott/Smith/Stafford/John

Blue Blood by Heinz Kiessling

Lovin Life by Ogan/Kozlowski/Bojanic/Hooper/Emmanuel/Fingers

And I’m Coming Home by Stafford/Smith/Nineoneone

Christmas Song by O’Dowda/Wood

Unfolding Consequences by Joel Assaizky

Searching Glory by Tony Clarke

Maximum Impact by Adamik/Brown

Titans of War by Daniel Law Heath

Inertial Mass by Eliot/Nobusawa

Reason to Fight by Bossi/Phillips

Four Minutes Left by Matteo Locasciulli

A Timely Matter by Leach/Drew/Reidinger

Avondale by Gooding

Run On by Blues Saraceno

Circuit Bent by David Edwards

End of Earth by Charles Ian Evans

Building Blocks by Richardson/Macklin/Ford/Cocozza

We All Fall Down by Stafford/Smith/Parrott/Nineoneone

Episode 4

Song Title, Artist/Composer

Skyfire by Benjamin Andrew MacDougall

NHL Winter Classic Theme by John Sands

Find Him by Jerome Frideling

Backend Rise by Max Concors

Run Boy Run by Woodkid

Burn It Down by Danny Duberstein/Cut One

Electronic Fields by Britton/Goldsmith

Immortal by David Edwards

Urban Symphony by James Hustwit

A Lone Figure by Andrew Britton/David Goldsmith

Cease by Nicholas Hill/Michael Price

Liberty or Death by Balfe/B. Fingers/B. R. Fingers

Neon Future by Black/Hill

Test My Nerve by Christopher Lewis/Oliver Mason

Tense Bed by John Sands

Intertial Mass by Eliot/Nobusawa

Freeze Frame by David Edwards

Thunderhorse by Stanley/Young/Ochs

Edge of the World by O’Dowda/Wood

Requiem of Souls by Max Concors

Call to Arms by Christian Lundberg

Show of Force by Bauer/Marlow

Almighty by Emanuel/Taylor

Avalon by Max Concors

Assault Forces by Kovacevic

Bloody Hands by Shea/B. Fingers/B. R. Fingers

New World Order by Gabriel Shadid/Tarek Mansur

Omega Force by Nathan Rightnour

Termination by Charles Ian Evans

Faded Memories by Alexander Rudd

Lumina by David Edwards

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