Shag, Marry, AND Kill: Thoughts While Watching World War Z


Have you ever played “Shag, Marry, Kill” (you may know it by it’s more common, not-safe-for-work name)? Have you ever played it while watching World War Z? I have.

Forget surviving the zombie apocalypse and saving mankind, when I watch World War Z I’m thinking about one thing and one thing alone… WILLIAM BRADLEY PITT. My mind quickly wanders to how I would marry and “shag” him in a heartbeat, and then I would work with him to kill as many zombies as possible.

You know the scene where he is sprinting away from a pack of blood-thirsty zombies? Well, I like to imagine him furiously running towards me. We have time for a quick smooch and then we hold hands and escape to the safety of a government-secured and infection-free barge where we take occasional moonlit dips into the ocean and share our meager rations of apocalypse-proof freeze-dried food.

I know, I know – it’s cliché – and everyone thinks Brad Pitt is a hunk, but I’ve been a fan since the dawn of time and would willingly follow him into any pandemic. Wouldn’t you?

Oh Brad, forgive me for saying this, but even if you aren’t a B.P. fanatic like me, you’ll still love World War Z. It the perfect combination of scary, thrilling, thoughtful and… hunky – which I imagine is the same set of adjectives Brad will use to describe me to his security team.

P.S. I learned a film fun fact while watching a clip from our red carpet coverage of the London premier: Director Marc Forster said that the film had “thousands and thousands of extras” and yet no one reached out to me?? The world is cruel, cruel place.

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