Slow Burn of a Not-So-Endless Summer

Ooof. I’m sorry to be the one to say this, but Summer 2015 is winding down, and if you’re anything like me you didn’t even do any of the things you swore you would in these three short, sunny months. Killer tan? Summer romance? Passport packed with international stamps? Not quite.

We all think the summers will be spent Baby Style. Meaning, we’ll have a bunch of time off from school/work, our parents will foot the bill for a relaxing vacation, haul some watermelons, meet a hunk with killer dance moves, learn a new party trick or two, and maybe – just maybe – rebel against our goody-two-shoes parents in a subtle yet powerful way by being lifted into the air and away from their WASP-y nest… Right?



But the reality is that the summer is usually spent sinking deeper and deeper into the couch, the sunrays blocked by a 420-cloud of relaxation – a stress-relieving tactic that Cheech and Chong know plenty about.

Cheech and Chong’s The Corsican Brothers and Cheech and Chong Still Smoking are in the same vain as the incredible Monty Python films – so ridiculous that they’re hilarious. A very special type of hilarity, best absorbed with an “herbal refreshment” as my girl Tai would say.


However you spend your summer, be it in tennis whites at the country club or in tie dye on the futon, check out these summer classics and take the last few deep breaths of thick summer air – it will be back to school before you know it!

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