Spend All Star Weekend with LeBron

The NBA All Star weekend is amongst us and one consistent remains: LeBron James. Starting his 12th consecutive All Star game, LeBron continues to be the face of the league.

But like so many NBA stars, his story started with very humble beginnings. LeBron grew up in a single parent home in Akron, Ohio, and moved 12 times in his early years. In More Than A Game, he speaks candidly about having trouble finding friends and fostering real relationships. LeBron eventually did settle down and found a coach and group of friends (“brothers” as he refers to them throughout the film) that he stayed with through high school.


Director Kristopher Belman’s ability to capture the dynamic of a team, as well as the development of each individual part, makes for a great story about a community, not just the budding star in that community. And that is the unique thing about LeBron’s story. It is about the people around LeBron just as much as it is about him.


For true basketball fans, it is fun to see the origins of LeBron’s style of play. His team-first approach is obvious with Akron’s Fab Five, as his ability to have fun and show charisma on the court. With the right mix of great, archival highlights and character development, More Than A Game is worth the listen for the casual sports fan to the biggest basketball buff.


So before you watch him Sunday night, see a young LeBron in More Than A Game on EPIX.com.