Stuck In Your Head: 5 Iconic Songs From Films

A great song can be the difference between a memorable film and an iconic film. These are those songs that autoplay in our heads after a mere glance at the title. This month we are featuring five iconic songs in movies you can watch right now – on EPIX. Besides, we’re pretty sure watching the movie is the only way to get these catchy tunes out of your head.

(5) “The Addams Family Theme” from The Addams Family

Two finger snaps and you’re singing along. This theme song was originally composed by Vic Mizzy for the TV series, but this 1991 remake reintroduced the classic song to the masses. The song is also featured on the sequel, Addams Family Values.

They’re creepy and they’re kooky,

Mysterious and spooky,

They’re all together ooky,

The Addams Family.  



(4) “Show Me Heaven” from Days of Thunder

“Show Me Heaven” was performed by Maria McKee. This song was actually a massive hit in the UK, where it spent a month as #1 on the UK Singles Chart. With this song playing, how could Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman NOT fall in love?

Oh, show me heaven

Cover me, leave me breathless

Oh, show me heaven please

days of thunder poster 1

(3) “Shakedown” from Beverly Hills Cop II

This song was one of Bob Seger’s most successful hits. It hit #1 on the Hot 100 in August 1987. Little Richard performed “Shakedown” at the Oscars after if was nominated for Best Original Song.  One look at Eddie Murphy in that track jacket and you’ll start singing.

♫ Shakedown, breakdown, takedown

Everybody wants into the crowded light

Breakdown, takedown, you’re busted ♫


(2) “Footloose” from Footloose

Kenny Loggins knocked it out of the park with this fan favorite. Footloose won Grammy for Song of the Year in 1985 and was featured in AFI’s 100 Years…100 Songs. More people have actually heard the song than watched the movie — if you are one of those, you can fix that problem right now.

♫ You can fly if you’d only cut loose, footloose

Kick off your Sunday shoes

Oo-wee, Marie, shake it, shake it for me

Whoa, Milo, come on, come on let’s go

Lose your blues, everybody cut footloose ♫


(1) “Skyfall” from Skyfall

The James Bond franchise has had its share of hits, but no theme in recent memory has shared as much success as Adele’s 2012 ballad “Skyfall”.  The song reportedly took 18 months to complete due to Adele’s fine-tuning and vocal problems. But when Daniel Craig finally heard the demo, he reportedly “shed a tear.” Even the hardened James Bond couldn’t withstand the power of Adele’s Academy Award-winning hit. So go ahead, shed a tear.

Let the sky fall

When it crumbles

We will stand tall

Face it all together