Catch the Next Train: Deep Thinking With Sliding Doors


Every time I miss the train (or elevator, or flight) by a split second I ask myself if this is a Sliding-Doors-scenario. Is there another LT out there, one who caught the train, living a parallel life? How’s she doing? It’s amazing to think that a few second difference can have such an impact on your life. It’s also amazing to think that when I was in 8th grade, at the true peak of my awkwardness, I took my uni-browed forehead, braces-filled-mouth, flat chest, and 4’11” build to the hair salon where I asked for the exact pixie cut Gwyneth (or, you know, one of the Gwyneths) had in this film. Spoiler alert: it didn’t look as cute on me and I was openly mistaken for a tween boy for months to come.


It’s fascinating to explore parallel life options and how the tiny things – conscious choices and uncontrollable scenarios – add up to make a big difference. What if you didn’t take that job? What if you didn’t move to a new city? What if you hadn’t drunk texted your ex 42 times in 3 hours? We’ll never know. But thanks to Hollywood, we do know what happened to Helen (Gwyneth’s character) both when she did and did not catch the train. I won’t spoil it for you, but the end message is that everything works out in the end, despite the tube schedule. It makes me wonder – do we all have a predisposed destiny that we’re guaranteed to end up at and it’s up to us to see how fast we get there (I went on 3 “first dates” with my bae over the course of 7 years before I realized we were meant for each other) OR is it a crapshoot?


Do me a fake-ski and watch Sliding Doors, now playing on EPIX and, and let me know if you think our fate is written in the stars before we’re even born or if it’s all a big surprise party.