TBT: Throw Some ‘Soul (Plane)’ Into Your Throwback Thursday

Well folks, it’s time to bring some ‘SOUL’ into your Tee Bee Tee (that’s Throwback Thursday for those scoring at home). And no film delivers the soul quite like the comedy classic, Soul Plane.


Your pilot on this adventure through the friendly skies happens to be the infamous Snoop Dogg (aka Snoop Doggy Dogg, aka Snoop Lion, aka The Doggfather, aka Snoopzilla).


ICYMI, Soul Plane is LOADED with more comedians/rappers/celebs than carry-on bags.

soul plane still 1

Some notables include: Kevin Hart, Sofia Vergara…

soul plane still 21

comedy legend John Witherspoon…

soul plane still 17

D.L. Hughley…


Tom Arnold, Godfrey, Sommore, Method Man, Lil’ Jon, La La, Karl Malone, Big Boy and last but certainly not least Academy Award winner Mo’Nique:

soul plane still 23

The airline company known as NWA is equipped with sexy flight attendants…

soul plane still 8

a dance club…


and this kid:


You’ll laugh so hard, you’ll have to ring your flight attendant call button. So, if you’re looking to let loose and dance your “carry-on” off, Soul Plane is just the party you’re looking for.

soul plane still 4

Plus, it’s rated R so you know the hijinks won’t disappoint. What more can I say? Become a frequent flyer and start earning those Soul points already!