The Mod Squad: Turning A 60s TV Classic Into 90s Movie Magic

Everyone thinks it was T-Swift who rebranded friendship as the single must-have life accessory. Why bother living an amazing life if you don’t have a crew to share it with? (Cue group scream/crying over Grammy wins.)


But what people seem to forget is that squads have been on fleek since 1968 when Peggy Lipton, Linc Hayes and Pete Cochran busted onto the scene with TV’s “The Mod Squad.” Over 20 years later, Claire Danes, Omar Epps and Giovanni Ribisi reprised the roles with lot of grit, grunge, and every late 90s fashion trend available on the market — Leather blazers! Chokers! Tiny barrettes! Baby Tees! Wallet chains!


But instead of being built on pop music careers and modeling contracts, this crew is a pack of criminal delinquents who decide to fight crime as a way to avenge their buddy. You know, like Taylor vs. Kanye but with more guns and drugs.


Invite over your friends over to watch how cool kids do undercover crime fighting in The Mod Squad, now playing on EPIX and Who knows, it might make you want to turn your rebellious attitude in for a shiny new badge.