The Perfect Night to Watch Stigmata


Sitting alone in your bath tub late Friday night; it’s candle-lit and you can’t wait to read the next chapter of your juicy, new book. You, slowly, dip your head underneath the water and embrace its soothing effects. Everything is calm.

Suddenly, utter confusion ensues as a mysterious force pulls you deep into the water. Are you drowning? A piercing pain is felt deep in your left wrist and a sharp slice in the right. As your convulsing continues, you notice the two bloody wounds. Shuddering at the site you manage to think aloud, “What’s going on”? If this is a dream – it’s a nightmare! “I wanna wake up. Wake up!” But this is no dream. This is Stigmata.


The Friday before Easter is recognized as Good Friday, a time when Christians commemorate Jesus Christ’s suffering crucifixion and dying while nailed upon a cross. In Stigmata Frankie, played by Patricia Arquette, is an atheist afflicted with the five wounds that Jesus received during his crucifixion. Struggling for answers her only hope lies with an unlikely partner – a priest.

Stigmata is a thrilling and suspense-filled movie and, regardless of faith, the perfect film for this weekend. It’s also Now Playing on EPIX, so check it out and let us know what you think with a comment below!