The Top 13 Slashes From Friday The 13th

Let’s celebrate some of our favorite slashes from the world’s most famous slasher himself Jason Voorhes!

1. Friday the 13th

Who doesn’t love Kevin Bacon? Mrs. Pamela Voorhes, Jason’s infamous mother is the answer to that question. One of the most famous kills in any slasher movie is this one. Let me set the scene for you, Kevin Bacon has just had some great sex for an 18 year old and he is feeling pretty good about himself. To relax he decides to light a joint. Not even ONE HIT in does he gets an arrow right through the trachea. Talk about a buzz kill.


2. Friday the 13th

For those of you who don’t know, it turns out that Jason isn’t even the killer in the first installment of the Friday the 13th series *GASP* it’s his deranged mother Pamela Voorhes. And boy is she upset. After Mrs. Voorhes reveals herself to be the ultimate overprotective mother, she goes after our lone survivor Alice Hardy. It’s an all out fight to the death for Mrs. Voorhes and Alice. Alice comes out on top by escaping the grasps of Jason’s mother and chopping her head off in one blow with a machete. Girl Power.


3.  Friday the 13th Part II

Meet Mark, he’s a new counselor for the summer camp opening on Crystal Lake and guess what, Jason isn’t the biggest fan of the idea. Mark is just about to get lucky with a total babe when she of course has to go “get some things” leaving Mark alone. Mark hears a strange noise and goes out to the porch looking for his lovely lady, when all of a sudden Mark is hit in the face with a machete sending him flying in his wheelchair down a flight of stairs. Oh you thought because he was in a wheelchair he’d live? THINK AGAIN.


4. Friday the 13th Part II

There are two things you can count on in 80s horror flicks, blood and nudity. Our next slash has both! There’s a saying kill two teens with one spear, well maybe that’s not it but it’s exactly what happens in this famous scene.


5. Friday the 13th Part III

This is the very first kill where we see Jason in the hockey mask we all know and love. Poor Vera is just trying to retrieve the wallet she dropped in the lake when all of a sudden she gets a harpoon through the eye. Talk about sharp shooting!


6. Friday the 13th Part III

Have you ever been walking on your hands and all of a sudden had a fear come over you that you were going to be cut down the abdomen? No? Well maybe you should watch what happens to Andy and rethink that!


7.  Friday the 13th Part III

This slash isn’t a slash at all, which seems to be Jason’s favorite way of killing, but he’s a think on your feet type of guy. When Rick goes to check something suspicious outside, Jason grabs him to shut him up while his whiny girlfriend comes looking for him. Once she’s gone Jason literally pops Rick’s head like a zit with his bare hands. Rick’s eyeball even comes popping out. Friday the 13th Part III was released in 3-D so imagine the delight of the audience when the eyeball came flying towards them and their popcorn!


8. Friday the 14th Part IV: The Final Chapter

I like to call this one “The Last Banana.” Ever been hitchhiking, waiting for a ride, eating a banana when all of a sudden a mass murderer comes out of the woods and stabs you in the throat? No? Well that’s more than our dearly departed nameless character can say from Part IV of the franchise.


9. Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter

A young Crispin Glover appears in our next slash and he has misplaced the fancy corkscrew and Ted just won’t tell him where it is! Maybe that’s because Jason has it in the shadows and is waiting to plunge it through Glover’s hand before he plants a meat cleaver in his face.



10.  Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

Have you ever just completed a duet with your girlfriend while you’re using a port-a-potty made of sheet metal only to be stabbed in the chest with a metal pole? No? The unfortunate soul in this clip was not so lucky. Horror fans like to call this scene the Killer Crapper.


11. Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

So you crawl into bed next to your honey that has already hit the hay and you are ready to drift off to dreamland yourself. You look over at your boo and discover THEY’VE BEEN MURDERED, you try to scream but all of a sudden there is a hand over your mouth and you’ve been stabbed from the bottom bunk with a machete. Cue terrifying movie score.


12. Friday the 13th: Part VI Jason Lives

JASON IS DEAD. Wait no, we spoke too soon. Cue Tommy, (you remember Tommy from Part IV when one of the Corey’s played him right?) well Tommy and his idiot friend just want to make sure Jason is really dead. Tommy drives to the graveyard and digs up Jason’s grave, he sees Jason’s maggot covered corpse lying there and becomes upset. He stabs the body with a metal pole a bunch of times then leaves the pole in Jason’s chest. Lightening hits the pole almost immediately and of course shocks Jason back to life. Jason is rightfully pissed and proceeds to punch a hole right through Tommy’s friend’s chest. It’s pretty rad.


13. Friday the 13th: Part VIII Jason Takes Manhattan

A brave boxer attempts to take Jason down by punching him in the face for literally two minutes. Once his knuckles are bloodied and he has nothing left to give he bravely tells Jason to “Take your best shot.” That’s when Jason punches his head off. Literally, the dude’s head flies off and lands in a dumpster ending one of my favorite fight scenes in horror movie history.


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