The Warriors: Squad Fashion On Point

The 1980s cult classic The Warriors has got some serious style goin’ on!

the warriors still 1

When that silhouette is on point, make sure to work those angles!

the warriors still 3

When you’re seriously feelin’ your low cut tank.

the warriors still 6

When the whole squad is still lookin’ fresh after a night out.

the warriors still 7

When you fall alseep first at a party but wake up and rally without checking the mirror.

the warriors still 10

When you find yourself on an abandoed street in the middle of the night but still have your spaghetti strap and hair on point.

the warriors still 11

When you get your Mom to take a picture of the crew before hittin’ the town.

the warriors still 12

When you out all night but you still got your hat.

the warriors still 13

When the train car is empty and you get your boy to capture you in a deep thought pose. Fringe, fringe, fringe, fringe, fringe, YASSSSSS HONEY. Sorry got carried away there.

the warriors still 14

When you and bae is the same but different.

the warriors still 16

When you and the squad are a demin dream.

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