Throwback Thursday: 5 Movies For Every Movie-Goer

We’ve got some fan favorites lined up for this edition of #ThrowBackThursday.


The Dead Zone


Synopsis: Johnny Smith (Christopher Walken) wakes from a coma and discovers two things: he’s lost the last five years of his life, and he’s gained the ability to see the future. Can he find the strength to use his newfound powers, or will they drive him to a life of isolation and fear? And if all that doesn’t get you to push the “Watch Now” button, come on, it’s Christopher freakin Walken. Push the button.


Mommie Dearest


Synopsis: Based on the scandalous tell-all bestseller by Crawford’s adopted daughter Christina, the film shows how Crawford terrorized her kids, making them give away all their birthday gifts and kicking them out of bed in the middle of the night to scrub the bathroom floors. This movie isn’t for the faint-hearted. You’ll never look at wire hangers the same. Watch now.


Pink Panther 2

The Pink Panther 2

Synopsis: Steve Martin delivers mayhem once again as French Inspector, Jacques Clouseau. The story follows the typical “Pink Panther” formula – pitting Clouseau and his team against an evil mastermind who’s swiped a slew of priceless goods. Good for a laugh, with a great supporting cast including: Jean Reno, John Cleese, Andy Garcia and Alfred Molina. Don’t miss this!



Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 7.01.06 PM

Synopsis: A  Leprechaun goes on a rampage after his precious bag of gold coins is stolen. He uses all of his magical destructive powers to trick, terrorize and kill anyone who is unlucky enough to hinder his relentless search. Break out the Guinness because the fun doesn’t stop there! Once you’re done watching Leprechaun, keep it going with Leprechaun 2, Leprechaun 3Leprechaun 4, Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood, and the most recent Leprechaun: Origins.


Tank Girl


Synopsis: In the year 2033, the world is a barren wasteland where mutant kangaroo-human hybrids roam the land and the planet’s remaining water supply is controlled by a greedy corporation and its greedier CEO. Enter Rebecca Buck, a spunky, punky outlaw with a gift for one-liners and some serious firepower. Armed with her titular tank and a pal named Jet Girl, she’s ready to blow things up in order to make them better. Yes to the mutant kangaroo-human hybrids!